:: Rug Sales:
You can save your time and money when buying Rugs from Simply Rugs. Inform us of the choice of rugs design you prefer, and colours that you like, that makes it absolutely easy to choose the right rug to match with your furniture. We will source and deliver a selection right to your home or office, making it easy to choose the right rug. Decorators are welcome!
(Terms & Conditions Apply)

:: Underlay:
Is your rug creeping or slipping?
Every rug should have an underlay. Some rug sellers will offer a “free underlay”. Please remember that there is no such thing as a free underlay. There are cheap underlays, but you always get what you pay for. Most of those “waffle” grid style underlays will break down and start wearing quickly. Once you have tried a good quality underlay, the others just seem like a waste of time and money. Contact us today for a quote on high quality underlay!
Underlay is a must if your door rugs, hallway rugs or kid’s rugs are moving around on your carpet or hard floors. Simply Rugs sales quality rug underlay material to protect your rugs from getting lot of dust and getting slippery.

• Holds rugs firmly in place where you want them to be
• Extends the life of the rug
• Reduces noise on floor surface
• Thermal barrier
• Prevents foundation damage
• Softer feel
• Prevents tripping hazards

:: Rug Cleaning:
We do Oriental rug cleaning that leaves the rug spotless and back to its original look, with no more dust and smelling absolutely clean. All loose rugs are to be collected for cleaning and delivered back to you within 4 to 7 days.
We do restoration and repair of Oriental and specialty rugs including repairing side cords, overcasting, mending fringes and kilim ends, removing of stains, holes, weaving of new warp threads and fringes, repairing splits and tears, stripe and secure, colour runner, pile repairing, reweaving and colour restoration.

Moth protection treatment!
Rugs should be vacuumed regularly, at least 2 to 3 times a week if the rug is in traffic area.
And please always remember to use a professional rug cleaner for all your Rugs services needs.

:: Carpet Cleaning:
(Commercial & Residential)
Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning!
At Simply Rugs we make sure extra attention is paid to trouble spots and heavy traffic areas. We have skills and expertise to service all of your commercial needs. No job is too big for us!
We are specialists in flooded area crisis management and water damaged carpets. Carpets dry in a fraction of the time. Simply Rugs Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing excellence in carpet cleaning using the latest eco-friendly cleaning methods and solutions.

:: Upholstery Cleaning:
Steam and dry upholstery cleaning available, dependent on upholstery type.
The Benefits:

• Removal of the toughest of stains and dirt without leaving any marks
• Cleaned with care, even light coloured fabrics that often leave stubborn stains
• Suitable for all types of fabrics e.g. cotton, linen, silk, denim, velvet, wool, corduroy or synthetic like polyester, rayon, vinyl, satin or nylon
• Gives a spotless clean and fresh look without using anything abrasive
• Deodorizes for fresh smelling furniture

:: Simply Rugs Upholstery Scotchgard
Get your furniture Scotchgarded by Simply Rugs
Many types of upholstery fabrics can be treated with a stain-resistant fabric finish.
Upholstery fabrics treated with a stain-resistant finish such as Scotchgard can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge and regular vacuuming.
Keep It Regular Consistent maintenance is the best way to prevent the accumulation of dirt on a couch or chair that has been treated with Scotchgard. Vacuum the fabric once a week to remove dust, then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth or sponge, allowing it to dry before touching or sitting on it. Treat spills immediately, before they penetrate the treated fabrics. Have your upholstery re-treated with Scotchgard every year.

:: Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning (On Site):
Our deep steam mattresses cleaning helps remove bed mites, bacteria, dust and stains trapped in the fabric, making it an ideal cleaning method for all kinds of mattresses.

:: General Office Cleaning:
Desks, chairs, partitions, waste paper baskets, boardroom furniture, blinds, pictures, floors and walls are tidied and cleaned for a 'spic-and-span' working environment.

:: General Home Cleaning:
Furniture, blinds, pictures, floors and walls are tidied and cleaned for a fresh environment. General home cleaning will also include vacuuming, dusting, polishing and mopping.

:: Kitchen Cleaning:
High-level cleaning and degreasing of counters, cupboards, stoves, fridges, sinks and floors.

:: Floor Cleaning:
All types of floors cleaned and maintained with care. We’ll leave your floors clean and shiny, non-slippery and safe.

:: Window Cleaning:
Windows are cleaned carefully, leaving them with no greasy marks or streaking.

:: Pre and Post-Occupation Cleaning:
We offer cleaning services for people moving in and out of their properties. We supply all the necessary equipment to clean your property.

:: Bathroom and Restroom Cleaning:
Deep clean and sanitise toilets, urinals, baths and hand basins. Fragranced and disinfected for excellent hygiene.

:: Common / Public Areas Cleaning:
Reception / entrance areas, corridors, stairs and basements can be swept, mopped, polished, washed, dusted and vacuumed for professional appearance. Immediate exterior area can also be handled.

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